Next BugDay - February the 12th, 2009

John Crawford johnc4510 at
Sat Feb 7 19:52:01 GMT 2009

Martin Mai wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I talked with John Crawford about the announcement of the BugDays and I
> agreed that the BugDay is always announced very late. This prevents it
> from being mentioned in the UWN which is bad since potential triagers
> might stay away because they don't read the mailing lists.
> Therefore the Bugsquad will now always inform you about the next BugDay
> till around Saturday evening before the UWN is released, which gives you
> the chance to include the information about it.
> So here we go:
> Date:	12.02.2009
> Target:	New bugs without a package
> Page:
> IRC:	#ubuntu-bugs
> Infos:
> Regards
> Martin
Thanks Martin!! I have included a short summary in the next issue coming 
out Sunday.


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