Ubuntu Interviews

Esther Schindler esther at bitranch.com
Sat Dec 19 13:21:51 GMT 2009

On Dec 18, 2009, at 5:48 PM, Nathan Handler wrote:
> I have gone ahead and created a wiki page [1] to keep track of the
> questions being used in the different interview series. Some
> interviews used personalized questions, and I did not include those on
> the wiki page (as they cannot be re-used). As for the list of who has
> already been interviewed, it might be best to use a script to generate
> it. The script could fetch a list of all Ubuntu Members from
> Launchpad, and then use the list on the wiki [2] to determine who has
> already been interviewed.

Is this appropriate to add?


(I don't think it counts as self-serving to suggest it anymore, since  
I'm not longer working at CIO.com. But I did love doing that  
interview! <smile>)


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