install 9.10 on out of the box Aspire X3810 very good

H Hooijenga, H&R Project henr at
Tue Dec 1 20:08:57 GMT 2009

did buy a new desktop pc as my old one died.

put on the power and i was so afraid about what i saw on the screen , it
was windows vista installing itself on MY new dekstop pc, something i
didnt asked for !!!
quick i put in the ubuntu 9.10 CD and hit the reset button !!! 

Just here to report you that instaling Ubuntu 9.10 on a Aspire X3810
from DVD iso was very smooth within 10 minutes.

All system working very fine and fast.

Thank you, keep up the good work.

one thing i don like about the Aspire ,...has an ugly sticker on the
front about Vista or something, needs a nice Ubuntu sticker on top of it
i think. any idea where to get ? HB Hooijenga,

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