Results from the August 12th America's Membership Review Board Meeting

Greg Grossmeier greg at
Thu Aug 13 01:06:15 BST 2009

The approval results from the August 12th Americas Membership meeting are
as follows:

Carlos Donizete Froes: |

Carlos is one of the main administrators of the Ubuntu Games project
( and also an active member of the Brazil LoCo Team.
Part of his work with Ubuntu Games was developing the IUG (Installer
Ubuntu Games) which makes it very easy for users to install a multitude
of games available for Ubuntu. He plans to begin the process of getting
the games from Ubuntu Games into the official Ubuntu repositories.

Cody Russell: |

Cody is a Canonical employee working on the Desktop Experience Team where
he has worked on notify-osd and also xsplash, the new X-based boot
splash. In addition to his work directly with Canonical, Cody has been a
long time contributor to GNOME and gtk+. Especially note-worthy is his
contribution to fix a 7 year old gtk bug; GNOME bug 56070.

Marc Tardif: |

Marc is one of the hard working individuals that spends much of his time
testing Ubuntu releases. Specifically Marc has been instrumental in
developing Checkbox which is an automated testing platform. He is also an
active member in the Montreal Ubuntu Community team helping plan 300+
person release parties and other great events.

Ursula Junque: |

Ursula is another Canonical employee who puts in an amazing amount of
work in the wider Ubuntu community outside of her normal working hours.
Much of her work revolves around the Brazillian Community team where she
helps maintain the Brazillian translation wiki. She is also active in
supporting the Brazillian team's event planning including giving
presentations about Launchpad and how to use it to make Ubuntu better.

Please join me in welcoming these great new Ubuntu Members!

|       Greg Grossmeier |
| |

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