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Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Mon Apr 6 18:05:32 BST 2009

On ma, 2009-04-06 at 12:18 +0300, Liraz Siri wrote:
> Liraz Siri wrote:
> > My name has been on that list for at least a couple of months now.
> > Someone removed it recently, probably by accident. I had been monitoring
> > that page so it's strange that I didn't notice. I'll look into it.
> Found it. For some reason Dennis Kaarsemaker removed my name from the
> list a couple of days ago on April 4th:
> I don't know why he did that. Probably a mistake. Anyhow, he didn't add
> a description to his edit, so I missed it. Bad form Dennis.
> I just added my name back.

Hi Liraz,

I cleaned up the list, looking through my IRC logs to see who was
accepted/rejected. Usual procedure after rejection (I hate that word,
our feelings towards many 'rejected' people aren't that strong) are to
remove the person from the list so he/she can add him/herself when
applying for membership again. Unfortunately that page hadn't been
cleaned up in a while so that might not have been clear. My apologies if
you took this as a "we're never accepting you, bye", that was of course
not my intention.

Dennis K.

The universe tends towards maximum irony. Don't push it.
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