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On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 11:45 AM, Matthew Nuzum
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> Hi, I'm going to change the due date on this to Monday, April 6th. I'd
> love to see some more design ideas published.
> Feel free to also include links or screenshots of other sites that do it well.

Fridge Theme Feedback:

Hello team, there is still three more days to submit themes. In order
to aid the process I've requested that key members of the news team
check out what we have and give me some feedback. The fridge team is
very thankful for the work done so far and is getting excited to see
this project come to fruition. Here's some direction:

Everyone liked the colours and vibrancy of "Sand and Mercury"
but felt it relied too much on articles having graphics, which does
not happen often enough to count on.

The team preferred that the new theme have the rounded borders over a
coloured background.

Instead of featuring full-stories on the homepage one paragraph
teasers should be shown, sometimes (but not always) with a picture to
go with them.

The "Work in Progress" theme was probably liked the most so far
because it looks like a news site and does not rely on articles to
have accompanied graphics.

Overall the feeling of the theme should be simple and clean, the
colours should not be grey, preferably not pastels, and there should
be a clear distinction between the page's content area and the
background. Regarding the page background, they'd prefer something
other the current brown on but not eye-bleedingly bright.
Texture, gradient or a subdued background image would be OK. For
example, and all were recognized, especially the first of

A note from me is that this site needs to honour the Ubuntu logo
branding guidelines and be full-colour, un-modified and have the
"Ubuntu" be either white or black. Also, I'd encourage you to not use
the Ubuntu title font and to avoid over-styling the text.

So has a design been selected yet? NO, there's three more days. You
can still help. Can you incorporate the above feedback into a layout
and design and submit it before the end of the day Monday?

Great work so far, thanks to everyone who has helped so far!

Matthew Nuzum
newz2000 on freenode, skype, linkedin, and twitter

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