In collaboration with Microsoft, TurnKey Linux to relaunch as TurnKey Windows

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(Sorry guys, Ubuntu was fun, but money talks!)


SEOUL Apr. 1, 2009 In a keynote address at the 2009 Federated
Assembly of Korean Engineers, Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer
Steve Ballmer announced a broad business and technical collaboration
agreement with the open source project formerly known as TurnKey Linux
to build, market and support a series of TurnKey Windows software
appliances, based on the upcoming Windows 7 operating system.

Under the technical collaboration agreement, Microsoft and the open
source project formerly known as TurnKey Linux will create a joint
research facility and develop new software appliance solutions for use
with leading virtualization solutions such as Microsoft Virtual PC and
Hyper-V Server.

The key components of the reciprocal agreement are:

* The project formerly known as TurnKey Linux will relaunch as TurnKey
  Windows at
* Microsoft will collaborate with TurnKey Windows to develop appliances
  based on Windows 7, Microsoft's highly anticipated next-generation PC
  operating system, slated for release in 2010. In the interim, new beta
  TurnKey Windows appliances will be based on Windows Server 2008.
* Existing TurnKey Linux users will be automatically upgraded to an
  equivalent TurnKey Windows appliance as soon as one becomes available.
  By allowing an appliance to upgrade automatically users implicitly
  accept the new End User License Agreement.
* Microsoft will generously allow free usage of TurnKey Windows
  appliances for the duration of the Beta, after which the appliances
  will require activation of a mandatory subscription plan. The new pay
  as you go model is intended to dramatically reduce total cost of

Jointly developed beta versions of TurnKey Windows appliances will be
made available to MSDN, TechBeta and TechNet customers. Consumers who
want to test-drive a beta appliance will be able to download the TurnKey
Windows Core beginning Apr. 31 at

Under the agreement, TurnKey Windows is establishing clear leadership
among software appliance vendors and Microsoft will officially recommend
TurnKey Windows for customers who want software appliance solutions.
Additionally, Microsoft will distribute coupons for on-demand deployment
of TurnKey Windows appliances in it's Azure utility cloud.

"Too often open source projects ask monopolistic proprietary vendors to
adapt and embrace open source ideals. Today we are adapting our ideals
to a very generous monopolistic proprietary vendor" said Alon Swartz,
co-founder and CEO of TurnKey Windows.

Following a sizeable donation by Microsoft, founders of the project
formerly known as TurnKey Linux agreed to rebuild all future appliances
on Windows 7. The upcoming operating system is designed to make everyday
tasks faster and easier, and make new things possible for end users.
Windows 7 reflects an evolved approach to engineering that will promote
interoperability between a wide and diverse range of Microsoft Windows
operating systems and incorporates advanced security features guaranteed
to prevent next-generation Windows installations from spontaneously
bursting into flames.

Windows 7 is being designed to provide a solid platform to enable a new
generation of solutions. Windows 7 will enable developers to be more
productive and offers new capabilities to create more stunning
applications. The next generation operating system will include many
groundbreaking innovations including a new taskbar, Ribbon, which will
include a simple flight simulator program and a new version of Internet
Explorer which will feature entirely new ways to allow Nigerians to
rearrange your desktop icons.

To learn more about this announcement, join the Microsoft TurnKey
Windows webcast, which will be broadcast live at 11 a.m. ET on April
31, 2009. The webcast will also be available for replay.

Like many commercial transactions, the financial terms of the agreement
are not being disclosed at this time.

About TurnKey Windows

TurnKey Windows, formerly known as TurnKey Linux, delivers software
appliances that help organizations do more will less by reducing
unnecessary friction and leveraging virtualization and cost-effective
on-demand infrastructure.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq MSFT) is the worldwide leader in
software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize
their full potential.

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