compatibility with IE6 on windows

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Thu Oct 23 11:09:57 BST 2008

I disagree.
IE6 is 7 years old. IE7 is 4 years old. I think it should be for 
compatibility standards. With that is compatible with IE7 and Firefox 2 
is fine. In addition both IE and Firefox already have newer versions: 
IE8 and Firefox 3. People who use IE6 are irresponsible, because it is 
totally unsafe.


> Hi!
> Though visiting the website is possible with windows and Internet Explorer 6 the menus and especialy the fridge cant be used or viewed. I can understand if you don't can support IE5 since it is so old but there is still alot of people using IE6 so please check the compatibility against IE6 as well when you develop pages and the site. Windows users still might want to follow the project though they haven't taken the step over to linux yet. Especialy since ubuntu is the most popular and biggest desktop linux distro in the world.
> Thanks in advance looking forward to be able to read about ubuntu again.
> \Peter
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