Tunisian Loco Team News

Nizar Kerkeni nizar.kerkeni at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 16:56:19 BST 2008

Some Tunisian LoCo Team related news :

1- For UWN and/or The fridge:
SFD Tunisia 2008
This year the Software Freedom Day SFD'2008 will be held in Tunisia on
October 29 in El Ghazala technology center. This lags behind the
official date (September 20) is due to the fact that it coincides with
the month of Ramadan. The SFD'2007 was also delayed for the same
It will be the first public event for the new approved LoCo Team. This
year the Tunisian LoCo Team will go to introduce the ubuntu
distribution, to animate a mini install party and participate in
various activities of the day. There will also be distributing ubuntu
free CDs. So, Tunisian free software lovers, do not forget to bring
with you your laptop to free it and install a new Free OS.

2- For the fridge calendar :
Tunisian LoCo Team IRC Meeting
Date : November 21 2008
Time : 20:00 UTC
Duration : 2 hours
Location : #ubuntu-tn

Nizar Kerkeni
ubuntu-tn member.

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