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What do you think ? Please discuss and I can ask folks to follow the
thread here.

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There has been concern addressed about keeping up with Ubuntu
development without following every mailing list, being on
IRC 24 hours a day, and reading -changes lists. In an effort
to make that easier I would like to start something similar to
Debian's Developer News.


The idea is that small items are collected, and then periodically
sent to debian-devel-announce as one mail.

In initial discussion about this two proposals for how this should
operate were made. You can read the proposals at


The proposals are given at the end of this mail for those who are
reading mail offline.

I encourage you to read the proposals, and then make comments on
the wiki page, either giving your support to one proposal, or giving
your opinion. At the end of a discussion period the comments will
be evaluated, and if there is a clear winner that will be the process
we will use. I propose the MOTU meeting in 7 days, on the 28th Nov,
as the end of the discussion period.

I am happy for this to be added to the meeting agenda for discussion
if desired. Otherwise if there is no clear winner then I will declare
the proposal I didn't write as the winner.

If anyone objects to the idea of aggregating news items for developers
then feel free to add your comments to the page as well.



Proposal 1: collect items on the wiki page
This proposal follows that of Debian's DeveloperNews.

This wiki page would be the place to collect the items. They would then
be sent on when there were a few outstanding, or some amount of time had
passed since the last mail.

Anyone would be encouraged to submit items by adding the text to the
page, and anyone could send the mail when needed.

The wiki page would naturally form an archive of old items for people to
easily browse.

Proposal 2: Use the ubuntu-news-team mailing list
As there is already a news team interested in collecting news items and
sending them out, information of interest to developers could also be
handled by this group.

To avoid adding an undue extra burden on this team, it would be
appropriate for developers interesting in administering the developer
news to also participate in the news team. (note that the news team has
yet to be asked about this).

The advantage of such a system would be that the UWN, Fridge, and
developer news announcements would all be sourced from the same base of

The disadvantage of such a system would be a need for greater editorial
review of presented items, and active filtering so that editors could
best direct things to the audiences most likely to be interested.

If this proposal is selected, this wiki page contains only the set of
procedures for such postings, and does not contain an archive of
previous postings.

[No-one has approached the news-team about this proposal as yet]

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