Ubuntu 8.10 release party held in Tehran/Iran

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Tue Nov 18 07:55:06 GMT 2008


The Iranian Local Community had their greatest ever Ubuntu Release Party in
Tehran with more than 100 attendee and celebrated Ubuntu-ir's 2nd
The Iranian Team started their public work with Ubuntu 6.10 release and soon
became a big mature Open Source promoter team in the area and now with more
than 3000 users in forums and ~80 posts per day is a very fast growing

We've had 8 Presentations in this release party. Ubuntu 8.10 features tour,
Kubuntu 8.10 features tour, Joomla CMS Introduction, Zekr project
Introduction, Desktop effects in Ubuntu & Kubuntu, Ubuntu Server
presentation, Linux Kernel comipation howto and finally the Iranian team
future plan and roadmap.

I would like to thank all contributers, all talkers, and Farhang Saraye
Rasane again for the conference room.
You guys all rock and did a great job, THANKS A LOT :-)

The whole Story, Photos and Presentations:

Cool figures ;-)
Ubuntu 7.04 Release Party: 15 attendee
Ubuntu 7.10 Release Party: 25 attendee
Ubuntu 8.04 Release Party: 50 attendee
Ubuntu 8.10 Release Party: 100 attendee
Ubuntu 9.04 Release Party: ???

Yours Sincerely, Mehdi Hassanpour
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