Results of Wednesday's Membership Board Meeting

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at
Sun Jun 8 17:52:32 BST 2008

Sorry for not writing sooner, I have been swamped. I don't know why my last 
email had a E before each members LP name. I have fixed that with this email, 
so here are some notes on the new members:

= Laudeci Oliveira (Pretto) =
Laudeci has been involved with Open Source and the Brazilian Ubuntu community 
since May 2005 working on projects such as APTonCD and translations.

= Chris Gregan (cgregan) =
Chris is the Ubuntu Mobile QA Engineer at Canonical since March 2008. He has 10 
years of software QA/Testing experience and now works full-time for Canonical's 
Mobile Solutions Group.

= Andrew Walton (awalton) =
Andrew is an Ubuntu and GNOME hacker from Kentucky (USA) who has worked on 
documenting of GIO, implemented the gvfsd-network in GVFS, and is also an 
active member of both the Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo and the GNOME Foundation.

= Norman Garcia Aguilar (n0rman) =
Norman is the team leader of the Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo team spending a lot of 
time supporting and advocating Ubuntu at many of the local conferences as well 
as having been involved with quite a few television, newspaper, and radio 
interviews where he represented the Ubuntu community.

= Kurt von Finck (mneptok) =
Kurt is a Senior Ubuntu Systems Support Analyst for Canonical as well as a long 
time standing member of the Ubuntu community. Kurt also spends some of his free 
time not only working on Ubuntu, but also volunteering as a system 
administrator for the GNOME Foundation, which he is also a member of.

= Nick Ellery (nickellery) =
Nick is an Ubuntu contributor in many areas of the community. Currently you will 
find Nick working with the Ubuntu Documentation Project, the Launchpad 
Documentation Team, translations, answer tracking, bug triaging, and more.

= LaRoza =
LaRoza is the Ubuntu Forums master! With more than 10,000 posts, all of which 
are technical in nature, LaRoza is noted as one of the most outstanding forum 
moderators in recent time. LaRoza spends time helping forum members with 
anything from typing in Ubuntu all the way to hard-core hacking with various 
programming languages, as well as helping to test Intrepid through its 
development cycle.

= Bodhi Zazen (bodhi) =
Bodhi started out with Linux by learning from Ubuntu and started contributing 
back to the community by helping in the forums, founding the Montana (USA) LoCo 
team, creating excellent documentation, and more.

= Michael Garrido (Xander21c) =
Michael has been an Ubuntu user since the days of Dapper and now spends time 
with the Ubuntu Peru LoCo team where he is the website co-admin, a mailing list 
moderator, and the master of printing. Michael has worked on getting t-shirts 
and other materials printed and provided to his local community.

= Mike Rushton (leftyfb) =
Mike is a member of the Massachusetts (USA) LoCo team where he helps run and 
manage the team, it's events, and it's meetings. Mike has started many projects 
within the LoCo arena as well as started and managed many events. And just when 
you didn't think Mike was hardcore enough, he went out and got Tux tattooed 
right on his arm. Don't believe us, look at his wiki page!

= Brandon Perry (brandonperry) =
Brandon has been working hard trying to get the Dallas-Fort Worth LoCo team up 
and running as well as working with other members of the LoCo community in 
Texas (USA). Brandon spends time working on projects such as OCAM and the 
ClamAV LiveCD.

= Martin Kossick (hacktick) =
Martin is a worldwide contributor to Ubuntu having been productive working with 
both the Ubuntu Brasil and the Ubuntu German LoCo teams. Soon he will be 
heading back to Germany where he plans on increasing his activity with the 
community and working hard to become a hard-core Ubuntu hacker.

Richard A. Johnson
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