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Nick Barcet nick.barcet at
Wed Jun 4 16:12:23 BST 2008

Nick Ali wrote:
>> I emailed Nick Barcet about it, will see what he says.
> According the Nick, the final version will be posted on and
> we can link to that.

To be precise, the server survey use a software called Limesurvey that
needs to be installed in the Canonical data center. This has some
requirements, among which : to successfully pass a security audit
handled by the security team.  Kees Cook should be doing this audit this
week and based on the results, we will (or not) be able to deploy it on
the system.

I guess survey will be reachable under a url such as, but this has not yet been defined so I would
avoid publishing any address for the survey at this time.

Sorry for any confusion about this.


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