Ubiquity Hug Day!!

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Wed Jul 30 05:39:04 BST 2008

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It's me again, filling you inbox with what I know you've been waiting
for, this week's HUG DAY info!!

This week's target is *drum roll please* Ubiquity!
 * 80 New bugs need a hug
 * 80 Confirmed bugs just need a quick review

A bug in the Ubuntu live CD installer (Ubiquity) might stop someone from
even trying out Ubuntu, so it is crucial that we at least help the
developers best we can give the best first impression possible!

Bookmark it, add it to your calenders, turn over your egg-timers!
 * Thursday July 31st
 * http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20080731

Can't stress it enough: everyone can help!

Bug Control Members! There are tons of confirmed bugs here that can't go
much further without YOU!

BLOG IT! Especially those on the Planet! There are people who want to
help but don't know how and sit on the sidelines of the blog-o-sphere
reading; I need your help to get those eyes from blogs to bugs. "Bug
work is a fun way to get involved!"
 * Publish about the Hug Day Thursday July 31st to get everyone excited.
 * Hug some bugs and add yourself to the HugDay's wiki for your readers!

Make a difference: Join the Hug Day on Thursday the 31st. We will be in
#ubuntu-bugs (FreeNode) all day and night, and will be ready to answer
your questions about how to help.

If you're new to all this, head to

  (from the BugSquad)
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