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John Crawford johnc4510 at
Sat Jul 26 06:38:28 BST 2008

Dave Bush wrote:
> Hey folks,
>     I'm a regular reader of UWN, and I figured I'd see if I could
> contribute in some way.
>     I've been a Linux user since I first picked up RedHat 5.2 in 1999,
> and I'm working as a Unix administrator for a network security company
> based out of Atlanta, GA. I use Ubuntu on all my systems at home, as
> well as on my work laptop.
>     I've got an MS in Network Security from Capitol College in Laurel,
> MD, and when I'm not goofing around with Linux I enjoy scuba diving,
> geocaching, watching sports (hockey, soccer, football), and having fun
> with my family.
>     How can I help?
> Thanks,
> - Dave
Hi Dave,

I'm John Crawford one of the editors of the UWN. Thanks for
volunteering. Drop by ##johnc4510 on the freenode server and we'll talk
about how you can help us out. Looking forward to meeting you.

John aka johnc4510

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