New list member intro

Dave Bush myrtlebeachbums at
Sat Jul 26 02:39:32 BST 2008

Hey folks,
    I'm a regular reader of UWN, and I figured I'd see if I could
contribute in some way.

    I've been a Linux user since I first picked up RedHat 5.2 in 1999,
and I'm working as a Unix administrator for a network security company
based out of Atlanta, GA. I use Ubuntu on all my systems at home, as
well as on my work laptop.

    I've got an MS in Network Security from Capitol College in Laurel,
MD, and when I'm not goofing around with Linux I enjoy scuba diving,
geocaching, watching sports (hockey, soccer, football), and having fun
with my family.

    How can I help?

- Dave

Dave Bush <myrtlebeachbums at>

I'm less afraid of diving with sharks than I am of riding a motorcycle around idiot tourists. 

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