Moving Team and LoCo Announcements to the Fridge

Nick Ali nali at
Tue Jul 8 05:13:25 BST 2008 currently reads in 244 news feeds. Most items do not
stay on the front page for a single day, but teams (like Mythbuntu,
QA, Server, Studio, etc) and LoCos still use it as a way of
disseminating information. Its too hard to separate the "window into
the world, work and lives of Ubuntu developers and contributors" from
real news. Instead, teams and LoCos should be posting on the Fridge.
We need to encourage the teams and LoCos to either pass on the
information to us, or let them post to the Fridge directly.

There are a couple of advantages to posting on the Fridge. Obviously
the content sticks around much longer and can be retrieved easily
later. Items can also be logically tagged so that a reader can
subscribe to any specific tag with a news reader.

Any thoughts?



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