Repeating events in the calendar

James Westby jw+debian at
Wed Dec 17 00:25:41 GMT 2008


As I understand from UDS last week you have some problems with the 
calendar on the fridge. I believe this is because it doesn't do 
repeating events. I asked Emma Jane about this, as she is knowledgeable
about Drupal, she had some good advice, and kindly showed me how
repeating events can be set up.

If the issue is that events simply cannot be made to repeat then the
"eventrepeat" module should be installed and configured. When creating
an event it allows you to define how it repeats. It is fairly easy to 
set up and use.

If I misunderstood and you can create repeating events, but they do not
work the way that you like for some reason then if you explain what
issues you have then we can try and find a solution.

Note that eventrepeat does the repeat at creation time, rather than
display time, so you probably don't want to set the repeat too far in
to the future. It does mean that the ical feed contains the repeated 
items as individual events, which may help with the ubottu issue.

The eventrepeat page is at .
It recommends that the "date" module be used instead, however that
would require a switch to CCK. I'm told that would be a good thing, but
may be more work that you wish to undertake at this time.



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