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Mon Dec 1 16:48:04 GMT 2008

> On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 5:28 AM, Vid Ayer <vid at> wrote:
> > Folks
> >
> > What do you think ? Please discuss and I can ask folks to follow the
> > thread here.
> It depends on the focus. If its communicate mainly with developers,
> the wiki is fine.
> But if it's to keep the whole community up to date, working with the
> news team would be much better. The Fridge supports categories (there
> is one already for MOTU and we can create others if needed) and we can
> create URLs for specific categories (for example,
> The articles can also be cross-posted
> to the planet. Screenshots can be uploaded or linked with regular

Hi Nick,

The aim would be to have both things I think. Some things will only be
of interest to developers, a new policy on changelog entries or something,
and some may be of interest to everyone, the mono 2.0 transition complete
for example. The news team is in the best place to judge that in my

The way I think we would have this work is encourage developers to post
their items to this list as they come up. Myself and other interested
developers would collate them and publish them to developer channels
(ubuntu-devel-annouce@ primarily), and the news team could pick up on
the things of wider interest, and we could work to put them in UWN or
on the fridge or similar.

Would this suit the news team? Would a couple of items a week be an
acceptable volume of developer items to this list?



P.S. sorry for breaking threading, I was not previously subscribed to this

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