Results from August 8th Americas Membership Meeting

Efrain Valles effie-jayx at
Fri Aug 8 19:21:11 BST 2008

The results from yesterday's Americas Membership meeting are as follows:

Andrew Pollock:

He is the tech lead for Goobuntu, Google's in-house derivative of
Ubuntu, He is also a Debian Developer. His current involvement with
Ubuntu is bug triaging, and reporting Enterprise-level bugs that are
encounter in Ubuntu.He is mainly interested in the LTS releases of
Ubuntu, but also follows other releases.

Paul Tagliamonte:

He is Creator of Sabre (a Bluetooth plugin for amaroK) Designed and
tested for Ubuntu. He is also de creator of Qube (a CLI into libnotify)
allowing shell scripters to use the attractive notification daemon. He
is a Member of the Ubuntu Forum's Beginner's Team.

Michael Rooney:

He is an active participant in the Bugsquad and Bugcontrol teams, he
also manages the irc bot Eeebotu, which resides in #ubuntu-bugs-announce
and announces bugs in Ubuntu as they come in.

Charles Davis:

He is a Forum staff member and active member of the Ubuntu Forums
Beginners Team / Unanswered Posts Team. He is also active in the
Launchpad Beginner Team for Ubuntu. He is a member of the Ubuntu
Documentation Students Team. hH is  currently working to improve the
quality of Ubuntu's help system and Community Wiki Pages.

Joe Barker:

He been a member of the Ubuntu Forums since the end of August 2007 and
am now a Member of the Beginners Team, and the Unanswered Posts team,
and just recently I became a Forum Moderator. He has also participated
in the Sabre project (

Bryan Quigley:

He is a long standing volunteer for the New Jersey LoCo team and has
been to almost every event. He has helped triage bugs, answered many
support questions (more off than on launchpad), and made several
blueprints. He is a very active advocate of free software (check
reference of participation in events).

Ted Gould:

He has participated in the Desktop team, He has given promotion talks on
Ubuntu at several FOSS orientes events ( SCaLE, Ubuntu Open Week,
OSCON). he has also participated in packaging and maintenance for GNOME
Power Manager and GNOME Screensaver in ubuntu.

EmmaJane Hogbin:

She is a very active member of the FOSS community. Her participation
ranges from a member of the Ubuntu Women team. Conference Speaker
(DrupalCon, LugRadio Live, amongst others) she has chaired conferences
and participates in Hardware recycling programs.

We are delight to present them as new members of the Ubuntu Project

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