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A few articles that may be of interest...

Ubuntu Goes Enterprise
Canonical announced plans to offer a software stack that includes  
several enterprise-ready open-source applications.

A Penguin with an Egg: Growing the Open-Source Community
Esther Schindler came home from OSCON with thoughts on growing the  
size of the pool in open-source development communities. And it's all  
upbeat news.
[The first part deals largely with my interview with Mark Shuttleworth.]

Leadership Lessons: Passion, Smarts and What Open Source Can Learn  
About Management
Open source is changing the rules about how software is designed,  
created and distributed. But leadership isn't always nearly as  
innovative. Esther Schindler spoke with Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth  
and two of the dudes who run SourceForge, and discussed some of the  
lessons the open source community could bear to learn.

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