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Hello editors,

at the Ubuntu NL planet we've got a nice thing called Ubuntero of the
Month. Every month a member of the Ubuntu NL community is interviewed;
at the end of the interview, the interviewed person appoints the next
Ubuntero of the Month and gives a question specifically for that person.

I think this would also be something nice for the Fridge. This way the
readers of the Fridge can get to know people within the Ubuntu Community
 and learn what and how they do what they do.

What do you think?

By the way, if it's needed, I'm willing to take the interviews. However,
I don't think it's much work. You can just send the list with questions
to the Ubuntero of the Month and place it on the Fridge. The hardest
thing is to think of the initial questions, although it would be smarter
to do that in a group to get feedback and questions you wouldn't have
come up with by yourself.

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Sense Hofstede
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