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Donald J. Organ IV dorgan at donaldorgan.com
Mon Jul 25 19:29:16 UTC 2011

This isnt a simple overscan issue...It isnt clipping a couple of pixels....Its a larg portion of the screen that i cannot see. 

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For LG sets, here's some stuff to try: 


Depending on your graphics card and how the TV identifies itself, you might be able to adjust overscan in software from the nvidia settings utility. 

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Changing the input of the HDMI cable has no effect. And I do not have a setting to disable overscan.... Its an LG TV if that helps at all in this. 

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Sometimes one of the inputs on the set is labeled DVI/HDMI1 or so. Make sure you're on that input. Also there is a setting to disable overscan in the menus sometimes too. 

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If you are connecting via HDMI, try another HDMI input. I had the same issue between HDMI inputs 1 and 2 on my 1080p Samsung flat panel. 

On Mon, 2011-07-25 at 14:46 -0400, Donald J. Organ IV wrote: 

I just setup my mythbuntu installation and the frontend is working great however when i exit out of the mythtv frontend application, the screen looks like its too big as I have no task panel and an icon towards the top left that is getting cut off. 

How do I go about fixing this? 

My television supports 1080p 
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