[ubuntu-mythtv] LiveTV across Inputs

mindoms at aon.at mindoms at aon.at
Mon Sep 6 08:27:51 BST 2010


I got 2 DVB-T sticks, each is capable of recording 3 channels on 1 multiplex. Both sticks use the same \"video source\" (mythtv-setup)
scenario:  stick 1 is recording on multiplex A, and stick 2 on multiplex B. 
Now, if i start LiveTV, i am only able to switch channels on one multiplex (say A). I need to switch the input to watch channels on multiplex B.
Could this input-switching be done by mythTV automagicaly?

I wouldn\'t mind doing it manually, but my family members get kind of confused by it.

As there are only 2 multiplexes available where i live... would it help to strictly assign multiplex A to stick 1 and multiplex B to stick 2?


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