[ubuntu-mythtv] Hauppauge HVR-1600 Analog Tuner Issues

Matthew twistedmatt107 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 7 02:16:07 BST 2010

Posted this on the Mythbuntu forums and am putting it here as a reference to keep everyone up to date once again. Sorry for my fail with replying to threads in here. I have never used a mailing list before and, well, I cannot use a mail client thanks to yahoo. I could but there is a possibility that if I use the Thunderbird mail client with a workaround I could violate yahoos ToS and, well, I like my account working.

Ha, thanks. I feel kind of daft though. I tried to do just that on a prior install. I would stop the backend, rmmod cx18_alsa and it would not allow me, even with a sudo. Finally tried to force it out and, well, that wasn't the best idea. I also could still not rmmod cx18 as it would give me "ERROR: Module cx18 is in use by" but not say what it was being used by. Which is why I now have this install and, well, it works now so that is all that matters. Only difference between this install and the last, I didn't reinstall the firmware so, that may have something to do with it. I only updated the cx18 driver. As a note, alsa does not seem to use cx18 until AFTER I update it, but not before.

I wouldn't know how to add it to run at start up and the machine will not allow me to rmmod/modprobe either cx18 or cx18_alsa without sudo so, I guess I'm SoL in that regard. My startup ritual with this card is as follows:

1.) Turn on DVR.
2.) Make sure the TV is on or I will get no display.
3.) See if cx18 loaded properly.
4.) When it doesn't, shutdown the backend.
5.) rmmod cx18_alsa then cx18, then modprobe both in reverse order. (just to be sure)
6.) Check the frontend to see if I now have picture.
7.) When I don't have sound, I have to power off/on my TV so I can get sound.
8.) Finally start watching TV.

Might sound like a lot just to watch TV but, after the headache I've had the past two weeks trying to just get it to work, this is nothing. I'm sure in time it will get old but, for now, I'm just happy it works. One thing I was not happy about was in the http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/File_storage guide saying MythTV saved its files to /home/mythtv/tvstore which, for .23 at least, is no longer true. I have since moved it to the /home folder since I already have the HDD partitioned to give the bulk of my space to /home and XFS formatted. The default area .23 saves TV files to is /var/lib/mythtv Not a big deal to change the directories though. Just had to ensure the permissions for the folders were correct and I was in business.

As it currently stands, this is my status:

1.) Get system working at all. [OK] (Had to install opensource graphical drivers when I first installed Mythbuntu instead of the AMD ones.)

2.) Get audio for MythTV over HDMI. [OK] (Followed guide I posted earlier.)

3.) Be able to rmmod/modprobe cx18_alsa and cx18. [OK] (If I couldn't do this, the system would not work period.)

4.) Get the proprietary ATI drivers to work in MythTV [OKish] (I'm not using it at the moment because the screen will still have issues. I will get a horizontal split on the screen during fast movement scenes and the top half will lag behind the bottom half. Aka, if someone is moving their head from the left side of the screen to the right, the bottom half will move before the top half will. Only issue I have with the opensource driver is the screens outer edges are cut off as it seems to think my display is larger than it really is. I tried to find a scaling tool to make it fit but cannot. I just used the Wizard in MythTV to get it to fit properly. Doesn't help for watching full screen videos on YouTube though.)

Last things I need to accomplish to say I am completely done:

1.) Get HDMI audio for the entire system. I have set the mixer to HDA ATI HDMI (Alsa mixer), which I had to do to get audio for MythTV, but, still no audio for the rest of the system. I know I can easily do so in Ubuntu via right clicking the speaker icon and changing the preferences but, don't know of a way to do so in Mythbuntu as there is not speaker icon in the system tray. I assume there is some roundabout way to do so in the terminal but, have yet to find a guide on it.

2.) Get the remote working. I've tried the tutorial linked to at http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_HVR-1600 and the other tutorials in the thread. But, I can either not understand them, they do not seem to work in Mythbuntu, or are not intended for 10.04.

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