[ubuntu-mythtv] Hauppauge HVR-1600 Analog Tuner Issues

Matthew twistedmatt107 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 3 04:50:57 BST 2010

Sorry if this is not the proper way to reply as I have not used a mailing list before.
Current Status I have no idea what is causing this issue to be honest. The DVRworked fine this morning, I just changed from loading AMD graphics to using opensource and that seemed to do it, but, now, later in the day, it is not working. Onlydifference between then and now is everyone is using the internet. I will try totest later on if this is indeed the case. Suffice it to say, from being elated thismorning and having it work to it dieing and now no longer working, yeah, notexactly happy.

All the configuration data has been correct since the beginning. Also, to clarify, thedigital side works perfectly and I have no complaints. I also do not have a set topbox so the IR blaster is not a concern at the moment. Only extended basic cablehere which is why I need the analog side to work. I have started looking intogetting a different card as well so I could test to see if I would have better results. I also signed up for a trial of Schedules Direct to see if thatwould make any difference, answer, not really. The analog scanner somewhatworks though. It picked up most of my channels even though it said it failed. A finalnote, I am now running Mythbuntu 10.04 64-bit with MythTV .23 as per basicallyeveryones suggestion.
I have tried everything everyone has suggested and unfortunately, except for theMythTV audio over HDMI that Nick (foxbuntu) had told me, it all failed. I'm nowthinking it has something to do with signal degredation as more people start usingtheir cable on the block and, as I said earlier, all the people currently using theinternet. I will try again tomorrow morning to see if it works then or not. If I do endup keeping this card, there are still a few other questions I have about it andabout Mythbuntu.
I still need to get the remote working however. Once again, I tried following thisguide that was linked to on the MythTVwiki:http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/sh...6&postcount=27 but I am lost atstep 1 and 3. I have already updated to the newest drivers already so, I don'thave to redo step 2.

Also, I am having the known audio issue that causes there to be no audioplayback on analog channels. I have tried "sudo rmmod cx18" and "sudomodprobe cx18" however, every time I "sudo rmmod cx18" it tells me somethingelse is using it and it cannot be terminated at this time. How would I go aboutdisabling, well, what needs to be disabled.

Last thing I need to get set up in the system is get audio over HDMI for the entiresystem. That way I can stream videos from Firefox and such and have all audiothrough HDMI. I know I can do this in Ubuntu by simply right clicking the speakericon in the system tray and changing the preferences but, I cannot do that inMythbuntu. How would I go about setting this up?
After this point, it is what I had to do to get the DVR working... when it was ableto work this morning that is. I am getting help from a few places so I am includingeverything here to make sure everyone is on the same page.
Getting ATI Drivers working: NOW, to get the proprietary ATI drivers working that can be download from the hardware drivers link. I had to go into my MythTV Front End and follow these instructions from a fellow MythTV user who also bought this motherboard on Newegg:
MythTV Frontend Utilities/Setup->Setup->TV Settings->Playback-> then to the third page and set the "Current Video Playback Profile" to "Normal."
Gukin, as he is called, was running an older setup though, I have found I can either run Normal, High Quality, or Slim. If I try to run any of the CPU types, I get a double vision thing going on with the screen. The screen gets split in half from left to right and the show is played in its entirety on both the top and bottom half. While I love my shows, I have no desire to watch them in stereo.
HDMI Audio:Thanks to an awesome guide from Nick (foxbuntu) I was able to get the HDMI audio working for MythTV. The guide is as follows:

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