[ubuntu-mythtv] Hauppauge HVR-1600 Analog Tuner Issues

Nick Fox nickj.fox at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 12:07:45 BST 2010

Alright, lets try to get the ball rolling by breaking things down into
simple components/sections:

1) Use Mythbuntu --

Rather than get into a debate or explain all the reasons to use Mythbutu, I
am just going to say use it, and provide advice based on you rebuilding with
the current Mythbuntu release and all updates installed. If you need help
with updates/installation I highly suggest the forums, our website, or IRC
for assistance with those topics.

   -    Your mention of missing HDMI audio settings is
   mis-informed/incorrect. The Ubuntu desktop is *not* required to make HDMI
   work. I do realize with limited experience this part can be a bit tricky to
   complete, but let me give you exact directions to make it easier
      - From a terminal: aplay -l
      - This will provide several audio playback devices, one will be easily
      be the HDMI port, similar to this:
         - *card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 3: INTEL HDMI [INTEL HDMI]*
         - The important parts are the card and device numbers, keep track
         of these
      - Test audio out on the device like this: speaker-test -Dplughw:0,3
      (notice the format <card number>,<device number>)
      - If the HDMI port is plugged in and working, you should get a static
      noise, you can press CTRL+C to stop it
         - In the event this does not work, you need to make sure the HDMI
         port is not muted
            - At a terminal: alsamixer
            - Use the Left/Right arrows to navigate across the bottom of the
            screen, ensure any devices label S/PDIF or IEE* show a "00"  and
            not "MM", if they show "MM" you can type M to unmute them. To
            save and exit, use the ESC key. At this point retry your
testing above.
         - In the MythTV Frontend, navigate the menus below:
         - Utilities / Setup > Setup > General > Page 4 (Audio System)
            - Audio output device: ALSA:plughw:0,3 (in the case of my
            system, the device and/or card numbers could be different
in your case)
            - Click Next/Finish until you exit the menu. This will allow
            HDMI audio to work on your MythTV system
         - HVR-1600 Tuner
      - I personally have three (3) of these tuners and they are all
      plug-n-play to the extent of the drivers.
      - No driver/firmware installation required if using Mythbuntu/Ubuntu
      9.10 and later.
      - You will need to configure two (2) tuners for each side
      (Digital/Analog) of the HVR-1600 in the MythTV Backend Setup
      - Channel Scanning was removed from use/support in MythTV .22 and
      later, you will need to provide it the proper data and channel
      changing mechanism if using a Set-top Box (Cable/Sat. Receiver)
      - Card One Setup - Digital - (Capture Cards in MythTV Backend Setup):
         - You should select DVB 'DVB DTV capture card (v3.x)' and usually
         MythTV will discover and provide the device information once
this selected
      - Card Two Setup - Analog:
         - You should select 'IVTV MPEG-2 encoder', and again MythTV should
         populate the fields below for you, with a device of
/dev/video0 for the
      - Next you will need to go to the Input Section and add the
      Configurations to the inputs available on the Capture devices you just
         - If you are using the non-coax (RGB/S-Video) inputs select them
         for the analog side here, also be aware these inputs will
require a channel
         changer script, you will need to provide further details f
you need help
         with this portion
         - You also need to provide the Data Source you created previously,
         usually Schedules Direct in North America
         - If you are using the Coax (RG6) connection, leave the channel
         changer portion of the configuration empty
         - Repeat these steps for both sides of the card (Digital/Analog)
      - Once you have completed all other configuration to your needs/liking
      exit and allow 'mythfilldatabase' to execute, this can take a few minutes
      the first time.

At this point if everything is configured as mentioned above you should have
working live TV on both the analog and Digital sides of the tuner. If you do
not a few simple tests (you can run these before testing inside of MythTV as

   - In a terminal: cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg
   - CTRL+C to stop the recording
   - mplayer test.mpg (you may have to install mplayer, simply in the
   terminal: sudo apt-get install mplayer)
   - If the video is black/static at this point, it is the connection/cable
   as this a basic capture on the card with no tuning, if however you have
   video here and not in myth, you will want to provide your logs for further
      - To gather logs, in a terminal: sudo apt-get install
      - Then in the terminal type: mythbuntu-control-centre
      - Use the on-screen menus to gather and post the logs, then provide th
      output URL back either via email or IRC

Finally, the IR blaster support on the device I am unfamiliar with and
cannot not speak to, but I am sure someone on the list can. In the mean
time, good luck on all of this.


On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 1:58 AM, Matthew <twistedmatt107 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Before I get started, I want to say I have already confirmed the hardware
> and current setup are good by installing Windows 7 and the default software
> that came with the card. Both the analog and digital tuners worked
> perfectly. This issue only comes up in Linux and MythTV. I will go into
> what I have already tried at the later. Also, my experience with Linux is
> extremely limited so, if you do decide to help me, and I sure hope you do, I
> will need the special ed version of it. Aka, step by step or codes I can
> just copy and paste. The only reason I care about the Analog side is we only
> have Extended Basic Cable so, most of my channels are analog.
> My issue is the analog tuner of my Hauppauge HVR-1600 is not working in
> MythTV. I have followed the complete instructions here (
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_HVR-1600) yet the issue still
> persists. I also tried to follow the remote guide linked to on that page but
> was lost on part 3 nor did I understand what he meant by "update your
> kernel" in part 2 however, that is not something I am concerned with at the
> moment.
> What happens is the screen displays either a red or black screen when I try
> to view an analog channel with "Watch Live TV." I have done channel scans
> and do not receive a lock on any analog channel either. I manually put in
> the channel as I am not a subscriber to Schedules Direct. I don't know the
> frequencies so I just put in the channel number. Remember, this EXACT same
> set up works in Windows with the default software. I have also moved the
> system to a different room just to be sure that somehow my current setup
> affected MythTV differently than it effected Windows and the default
> software but, it made no difference. In the other room it ran from the wall,
> to one splitter, then to my system.
> What I have done to try and remedy this problem has been multiple
> reinstalls of Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit, I believe I have also installed the
> 32-bit versions but, as I have been doing a lot over this week, I do not
> recall. I have also tried Mythbuntu but, it lacks the audio settings I need
> to get audio over HDMI unless I install the Ubuntu Desktop as well. I also
> tried installing some other variants of bundled MythTV with an OS to no
> avail. I have done many Google searches and tried many different "solutions"
> to this problem. Most of which resulted in nothing good happening and
> needing to reformat since I had no idea how to undo what I had done. As it
> currently stands, I have downgraded from MythTV .23 and Ubuntu 10.04 to
> MythTV .21 and Ubuntu 8.04 and still no change to this issue. Please help!
> My System:
> Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H Version 1.1 Using the integrated
> graphics with ATI proprietary drivers. The integrated graphics is a Radeon
> HD 4200.
> Tuner Card: Hauppauge HVR-1600
> Ram: 2GB A-DATA AD2U800B1G5-DRH
> Processor: 2.9GHz Athlon II X3 ADX435WFGIBOX
> Current OS: Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) with MythTV .21
> Prior OS (That I would like to get back to): Ubuntu 10.04 with MythTV .23
> I thank those of you for your help ahead of time. I have been struggling
> with this myself for over a week and I hope someone with more knowledge can
> help me solve this issue.
> --
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