[ubuntu-mythtv] Problems Finding Backend after Move???

Karl PT kpk187 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 01:20:16 BST 2010

Hi, about a year ago I also ran into this same problem. It turned out
that changing the IP address of the master back-end was the issue. I
also use a low-end box for the master back-end, however because the
Hauppauge card I have is an encoding card, it works fine with old
hardware. If I recall correctly, the Hauppauge HVR-1600 is also an
encoding card. While I am not a mythbuntu or mythtv developer, I do know
that setting the master back-end's IP address back to what it was fixed
the issue for me. In case you don't know: you can find your recordings
in /var/lib/mythtv/recordings. I hope this email helps solve your

   - Karl

On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 13:58 -0400, Lawrence Houston wrote:
> MythTV Users:
> Initially I had a "Part-Time" MythTV (Mythbuntu 10.04) Backend running on 
> my Desktop Computer (DELL GX280: 2.4 GHz, 2 MB RAM) and it seemed to 
> working fine...  Then I was given a Clone (ASUS CUSL2: 1 GHz, 512 MB) with 
> intention of making it a "Permanent" Backend...  Moved the "Existing" 
> MythTV Backend's HD and Hauppauge HVR-1600 into the ASUS CUSL2 Clone... 
> Adjusted the Bind and DHCP Daemon on my Local Ubuntu 8.04 Server for the 
> "New" DNS Hostname/IP Address Combo of the ASUS CUSL2 Clone and the 
> /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts on the Existing MythTV Backend's HD to 
> reflect those changes...  Adjusted the IP Address/DNS Hostname of the 
> MythTV Frontends and Windows Clients (who access MythTV through its Web 
> Interface) and now I am having problems pulling the existing TV Recording 
> over the LAN...  Either doing nothing transfers or there is a complaint 
> about there being NO MythTV Backend at that IP Address!!!!
> Is there more to change on a MythTV Backend which has been moved to a 
> "New" Machine/DNS Hostname/IP Address or is a ASUS CUSL2 just NOT strong 
> enough to be a "Permanent" MythTV Backend (Analog ONLY Recording from our 
> Cable TV Service)???  I wanted to keep the existing MythTV Installation 
> with the TV Shows which have already been recorded, rather than installing 
> a "Fresh" MythTV Backend on the ASUS CUSL2 Clone...
> Lawrence Houston  --  (MythTV at GREENFIELD.dyndns.org)

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