[ubuntu-mythtv] Acer 5720Z Powering Down!!!

Lawrence Houston mythtv at greenfield.dyndns.org
Sat Apr 17 12:23:25 BST 2010


On Wed, 14 Apr 2010, Lawrence Houston wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Apr 2010, Marc Randolph wrote:
>> First thing I would try would be to disable ACPI and/or the screen
>> saver.  Take the results of that experiment and report them in a
>> launchpad ticket (preferably open that ticket by issuing the command
>> "ubuntu-bug acpi-support").
> I have had the ACER Power Off in the middle of Browsing with Firefox, 
> therefore I do believe this is a Screen Saver "Issue"...
> I tried adding "acpi=off", "acpi=noirq" and "pci=noacpi" to Mythbuntu's 
> Installation Command-Line: although in all three cases the Kernel fails 
> completely load and therefore NO Mythbuntu Installation is possible...
> Although I was able to complete a Mythbuntu Installation after adding 
> "noapic" to Mythbuntu's Installation Command-Line, after adding "noapic" to 
> the GRUB2 Configuration (and Rebooting), I am still experiencing "Random" 
> Power Downs and therefore this does NOT appear to have solved the 
> "Problem"???  Length of times are ranging from just a few minutes, to being 
> able watch part of a Recorded TV Show from the Mythbuntu Backend...
> I do NOT believe I have yet narrowed my search as to where the "Problem" 
> might be located to post a Launchpad "Bug" Report???  Which is too bad since 
> I was able to watch some Recorded/Live TV via the ACER's S-Video Connector, 
> therefore the MythTV Frontend on the ACER does work, just NOT long enough to 
> be very "Useful"!!!

I been reading about other Laptops such as the Toshiba mentioned here in 
Launchpad Bug #321578:


where Cooling Fans are either running all the time or fail to run at all 
(leading to overheating), so I tried "acpi_osi=Linux" Kernel Parameter 
mentioned in Launchpad Bug #321578...  Although that allowed me to install 
Mythbuntu 9.10 and watch a Recorded TV Shows from my Mythubuntu 9.10 
Backend, on switching back to Windows 7 and running CPUID's HWMonitor I 
see the ACER's Core Temps are much too high (even after watching only a 
recorded 1 Hour TV Show)!!!  Although once I switch back to Windows 7 
(with the ACER's Cooling Fan running), HWMonitor shows the Core Temps 
return to "Normal" Range quite quickly...  Hence my Mythbuntu 9.10 Random 
Shutdowns well may have been an ACPI after all, with Core Temps and the 
Cooling Fan NOT be Monitored/Controlled "Correctly"???

NOTE: the XFCE4-Sensor Applet is showing Values which do NOT vary or
       Values that do NOT make much sense???

As you suggested I did try the April 15th Daily Build of Mythubuntu 10.04 
(the Live CD Mode ONLY), although the Cooling Fan does NOT seem to run 
there either so I did NOT continue any further!!!  I also read about an 
"ACER-ACPI" Kernel Module, although that is supposed to have been merged 
into the "Official" Kernel Source Tree???

                                            Larry .....

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