[ubuntu-mythtv] [SOLVED} Strange issues with Hauppage NOVA-T tuner

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Sun May 3 11:37:18 BST 2009

Alan Chandler wrote:
> I have been successfully using mythtv-backend on my desktop workstation 
> for a couple of weeks.  I am runing Jaunty.
> Yesterday I moved the Hauppage tuner over to a new server I have just 
> set up (also Jaunty), as this will be running 24/7, so this is a better 
> place for it.
> I have set it up so that I can access the server with ssh with 
> X-Forwarding, and run mythtv-setup from this session.
> Firstly when defining the cards as DVB-T it says it can't open the front 
> end.  Since I couldn't remember if that successfully happened when on my 
> workstation, I continued, creating and EIT video source and then linking 
> card to source.
> When I try and scan for channels it refuses saying "Card not found".
> I have testing the card using the instructions at 
> http://www.parker1.co.uk/mythtv_dvb.php, and despite the fact that the 
>   channel data is no longer stored where he says, I can still scan for 
> channels from local transmitter and watch BBC ONE over the ssh 
> connection using mplayer. (sound doesn't work, but presumably that is to 
> be expected).
> So I am stuck.  It looks like the hardware is working, the firmware 
> downloaded and scanning works.  But mythtv-setup doesn't
> Where can I go from here?

I changed the BIOS setting which always enabled the Nvidia onboard GPU 
to only enable if no external card is installed and it all started working.

There seems to be some interaction (I have seen other posts mention it) 
between MythTV and NVidia GPUs

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