[ubuntu-mythtv] Fwd: [mythtv] Feature Freeze (for 0.22)

Dave Walker DaveWalker at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 21 18:42:42 BST 2009

Marc Randolph wrote:
> Howdy all,
> Looks like the myth devs have set a high bar for themselves regarding
> the release of 0.22 (see below).  Karmic's beta freeze date is Sept
> 24th, just over a month away.  Release is another month after that.
> Despite all the upstream activity on trunk, the bug count has remained
> pretty flat for the past 6 weeks at ~170.
Great news!

> If we assume the worst case (that they don't release 0.22 until after
> 9.10 ships), should Karmic be released with 0.22 anyway?  If so, will
> Mythbuntu use one of the stock 0.22 themes, or is someone going to do
> a Mythbuntu theme (perhaps based upon one of the myth supplied ones?).
>  Or should Karmic go the safe route and stay on 0.21 since it is ultra
> stable?  Or is there a way to release both?  My main concern is not
> knowing how stable 0.22 will be so soon after upstream releases it
> (I'm thinking of the people that will be upgrading with a simple click
> of the mouse, and don't run [or even know about] weekly fixes).
We are working quite hard to try and get 0.22/trunk in Karmic before
feature freeze.  So yes, if all goes as hoped, we should be shipping
0.22 in Karmic.
> Last question: do we need to get upstream approval to release
> something to end-users that they have not released themselves?
No, it's often good practice for popular projects to do this.  However,
it's not a requirement.
>    Marc
Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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