[ubuntu-mythtv] Fwd: [mythtv] Feature Freeze (for 0.22)

Marc Randolph mrand at pobox.com
Fri Aug 21 18:04:46 BST 2009

Howdy all,

Looks like the myth devs have set a high bar for themselves regarding
the release of 0.22 (see below).  Karmic's beta freeze date is Sept
24th, just over a month away.  Release is another month after that.
Despite all the upstream activity on trunk, the bug count has remained
pretty flat for the past 6 weeks at ~170.

As 0.21 was winding down, I started keeping stats... here they are for

0.21 Branch creation date: 2008-02-12
0.21 bugs at branch date : 58
0.21 release date: 2008-03-08 (http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/16468)
0.21 bugs at release date: 15

So, they branched about a month before release, and at branch time
they had 1/3 the current ticket count.  Obviously they can drive the
current ticket count down by pushing them out to 0.23, and the vast
majority are listed as minor, but that assumes the bug arrival rate
starts dropping.  0.22 branch is not been created yet.

If we assume the worst case (that they don't release 0.22 until after
9.10 ships), should Karmic be released with 0.22 anyway?  If so, will
Mythbuntu use one of the stock 0.22 themes, or is someone going to do
a Mythbuntu theme (perhaps based upon one of the myth supplied ones?).
 Or should Karmic go the safe route and stay on 0.21 since it is ultra
stable?  Or is there a way to release both?  My main concern is not
knowing how stable 0.22 will be so soon after upstream releases it
(I'm thinking of the people that will be upgrading with a simple click
of the mouse, and don't run [or even know about] weekly fixes).

Last question: do we need to get upstream approval to release
something to end-users that they have not released themselves?


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From: Daniel Kristjansson <danielk at cuymedia.net>
Date: Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 10:01 AM
Subject: [mythtv] Feature Freeze
To: Development of mythtv <mythtv-dev at mythtv.org>

Hey everyone, we're doing two feature freezes this time around:
 August 24th, most things will be frozen for bug fixes only.
   With these exceptions: channel scanner, windows porting,
                          schedule editor ui, db upgrade prompting,
                          existing mythweb patches. *
 September 7th, bug fixes only.

Isaac can of course override these dates if necessary. If you have
any ready to go feature tickets in trac, now is a good time to make
sure the patches are up to date and ready to test & apply.

I'm hoping we can do the final release before October, but of
course that depends on how quickly we can fix the remaining bugs.

* Many of us have been holding back on major changes already to
stabilize things after the MythUI and Qt4 ports. But these dates
will freeze out the small improvements too.

-- Daniel

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