[ubuntu-mythtv] mythbuntu-diskless hardware

Chuck Peters cp at ccil.org
Wed May 21 01:14:10 BST 2008


We have these cool new mythbuntu-diskless packages and I would like to see
some clues on the wiki about what hardware would be nice for that sort of

Dell is running a bunch of specials because of the tax rebate/stimulas
checks people will be getting, but I kind of doubt that will be the best
place for best bang for your buck diskless machines.

One thing I like about the Dell machines is they have those scoops/ducting
of the airflow over the CPU rather than the little fan attached to the CPU
heatsink, it seems I have the pull apart and vaccum out the non Dell
machines every 6 months or so.  And generally the Dell's are less noisy for
good airflow compared to others I have seen.  Ideally a good diskless
machine would be very quiet, not require cleaning every 6 months and have
options for the standard NTSC svideo or HDTV - we use the old standard
definition NTSC.  Any recommendations?

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