[ubuntu-mythtv] MythTV 0.21 on Ubuntu Edgy (6.10)

Duey dueydotnet at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 31 21:27:31 BST 2008


Just wondering if Myth .21 is going to be (or planning on being) 
backported to Edgy?  I have 0.20 on my system and appreciated having the 
Schedulesdirect update backported, once that was released I updated 
easily.  There's a few features of 0.21 that I want and I'd like to do 
the same kind of update again.

 From what I've read so far, many people are saying that people like me 
should just upgrade Ubuntu to 7.whatever.  I've tried that and, thank 
god for good backups because it didn't work.  I'd probably be better off 
just starting fresh, but that would be a pain.

Anyways, just wondering if it's something I should be waiting for or not.



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