[ubuntu-mythtv] no fullscreen on tv-0 after upgrade

joe revolt at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 19 05:08:07 GMT 2008

Maybe I did something without realizing it but...
Since I did the recent update ( mythfrontend version: 0.21.20080304-1 ) 
myth no longer displays full screen properly on my second display 
(analog tv running at 1024x768). The image is too large and not centered 
(off to the right). Works fine on my LCD monitor though. Funny, my LCD 
monitor was doing the same thing at first. Then I toggled between 
windowed and full screen and this seemed to fix it. No such luck with 
the second display. I am running separate x servers for each screen.

Checked the log and saw this:
2008-03-18 23:01:43.879 Total desktop dim: 1024x768, with 2 screen[s].
2008-03-18 23:01:43.880 Using screen 0, 1440x900 at 0,0

Which is weird I want screen 1, 1024x768.

I checked and it will not let me select screen 1 in the gui, only 1 or 
ALL ( perhaps because I am not using xinerama which only ever seemed to 
mess me up.)

Anyone else experience this?

Any way to manually force screen 2 using a config file?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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