[ubuntu-mythtv] Opinions regarding the Xfce move

Mario Limonciello superm1 at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 26 16:12:40 BST 2007


As many people know, we are planning to move the Mythbuntu environment over
to Xfce.  Unfortunately, this has a lot of hard to deal with ramifications
for the existing packages.

The move is all prepared for the Live environment on CD, and works fine
there.  The "Mythbuntu Administration" session also has everything but the
background prepared.

The problem comes with the normal environment's current openbox based
session.  The normal environment works by using the ubuntu-mythtv-frontend
package.  This sets up openbox, gdm, feh, a background and some automatic
login tricks.

How do we handle the migration over to the new Xfce based env?  I'm not sure
it makes sense for existing feisty ubuntu-mythtv-frontend users that upgrade
to gutsy to suddenly get these dependencies on Xfce, and consequently all
these mythbuntu packages too.

To me, it's almost making more sense to just make the "Mythbuntu
Administration" session the only session ever logged into, and probably
rename it to "Mythbuntu".  When the user chooses to do an automatic login,
add mythfrontend to the list of apps automatically started.  If they choose
not to, then take it off this list.

I figure this would make for the least breakage for most users, and probably
keep our end simpler in the end.

What do other people think?

Mario Limonciello
superm1 at ubuntu.com
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