[ubuntu-mythtv] Installing MythTV on Gutsy - Call to test

Thomas Mashos thomas at weilandhomes.com
Mon Oct 15 02:39:19 BST 2007

This is a call to test the guide for installing MythTV on a Gutsy
System.  The guide is located here.


To test this you will need a Gutsy Desktop (VM or real machine).  If you
do not have this available, or do not want to install MythTV on your
Desktop please look over the guide anyway.  The more eyes the better.

I'm looking for anything that is confusing or incorrect, or something
that doesn't work right.  This guide is meant for beginners, so if
something seems complicated then let me know.

Known Issues
*  w64codecs is not available in the screenshot for Proprietary Codecs
*  when enabling anything, the auto login users (afaik fixed, just needs
to be uploaded)



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