[ubuntu-mythtv] We're almost ready for RC

Thomas Mashos thomas at weilandhomes.com
Thu Oct 11 22:24:42 BST 2007

I disagree, we should not keep previous alphas and beta's post release.
What is one of the first things we have been telling people to do.
Update.  If some guest downloads a previous release, and starts asking
questions about stuff thats happening and such, and it takes 30 minutes
to figure out they are using alpha 1 then I'm going to start hanging out
in the -dev forum more than laga.  This is different than having both
the current stable release and the current unstable release.  

If we do decide to keep past releases then we need to come up with a
solution as to segregating it.  My mirror is running short on space and
2 GB is about the limit.

My solution to this would be to have 2 releases on the master server
(gutsy release, current hardy alpha).  That way the mirrors with the
--delete option will keep strictly to what is on the master server, and
the mirrors without will keep all releases until manually removed.


On Thu, 2007-10-11 at 17:04 -0400, Mito Tranin wrote:
> I was talking with you and setup rsync to pull on us-ca2.cdimages last night
> via irc, and did a total resync at that point.  I also have it setup to run
> daily at midnight (GMT -8).  I do not have the --delete option in place,
> however.
> My opinion though, is that there should never be a delete option in an
> open-source distribution mirror.  If it's been released, it should be there.
> I have never liked it when I went to download a file for a previous release,
> and it's no longer there because it's not the current version.  If it's
> released, let it stay released.
> Also, it's already getting pretty messy in the mirror directory, and due to
> the spelling changes in the releases, they are already not in chronological
> order due to alphabetical sorting.  This isn't a huge deal, but I still
> think it'd be nice to put in some directory structure into the mirror
> layout.  Just something simple, like a dir for the major version numbers,
> and a dir inside of there with the platform, with the files inside of there.
> Then have another dir in the root that contains a simlink to all 4 "current"
> files (ie mythbuntu-current-amd64.iso points to
> mythbuntu-7.10-rc-amd64.iso).
> This way, the "current" dir is always nice and clean, only containing one
> symlink for each current file, the others are organized.
> Thoughts?
> Mike
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> Folks,
> It's been a long stressful week across the board.  We're about ready to go
> live
> with our RC to announce on Friday.
> We now have both a push and a pull method in place.  If your mirror isn't
> setup
> yet for either, please respond and lets get you on one of them.
> As far as I know the only ones setup already are
> push:
> us-az.cdimages
> us-mi.cdimages
> pull:
> osuosl.cdimages
> n/a:
> uk.cdimages (This is the master distribution site)
> So remaining we need to get everyone else setup.  From my count off the top
> of
> my head that means we need:
> cdimages.
> uz-tx.cdimages
> us-ca.cdimages
> us-ca2.cdimages
> Sorry if I missed anyone, but anyone else that we have, get things setup
> still!
> For those of you that want to be pushed to, get me or ben dailey the
> details.
> For those of you that want to pull, here is the rsync info:
> rsync -rtlpvH uk.cdimages.mythbuntu.org::www/ /data/ftp/.2/mythbuntu/
> No need to sync more than once a day.  Images won't be changing more than a
> few
> times a month, but the dates aren't in stone yet.
> Kind Regards,
> -- 
> Mario Limonciello
> superm1 at ubuntu.com

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