[ubuntu-mythtv] Call for testing on beta disk

Mario Limonciello superm1 at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 1 04:12:27 BST 2007

To follow up:

Two minor things with ubiquity (unrelated to the issue at hand) have been found
and fix committed to trunk.  The xmltv option didn't actually install things.
Also, choosing the nvidia drivers causes an installer crash if you don't
encounter the stall bug.

If you are going to test with nvidia drivers (any variation), before opening
ubiquity, modify /usr/share/ubiquity/apply-drivers.  Remove line 118.


Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> -- New Features --
> For a quick summary of what you'll see on this disk:
> * Xfce based setup.  No more openbox, it's not even installed on the disk
> * Network Manager included.  You can do wifi networks both during and
> after install easily
> * When quiting mythfrontend, you are brought back to an Xfce desktop.
> You can administer the machine from here and change all settings.
> * On CD Repository works properly
> * VNC can be installed from multiple locales on disk
> * Video drivers don't pull from webhosts during install in any cases
> * ubuntu-mythtv-frontend isn't used at all.  All sessions are Xfce
> sessions, but all the benefits from the ubuntu-mythtv-frontend package
> have been merged into mythbuntu-default-settings
> * Lots of additional features for mythbuntu-control-centre. Extra
> administration options, package updates, reloading package lists.
> * Mythbuntu Installation can be performed directly from an existing
> Gutsy installation now via Firefox.
> * LIRC enhanced to support USB device hotplugging.  The LIRC service
> will be automatically restarted. (You still need to restart client apps
> though such as myth and video playback applications)
> * New GTK theme.  Based off of a clearlooks engine now instead
> * New usplash artwork.  Correct color scheme and placement are now used
> -- Testing --
> We've been very on edge about to announce a new beta disk.  For
> approximately last two weeks there were 5 outstanding bugs.  4 of them
> have now been fixed.  Also, the forums are active, we are planning on
> making the announcement with the beta disk announce.
> The last bug unfortunately is a really big show stopper as it causes
> ubiquity to freeze up during installation.  We believe the bug is caused
> by unionfs issues, but are unable to verify this because obtaining a
> backtrace is very difficult.  Basically when the disk gets to 94-95
> percent, it will install any additional packages that are necessary
> (typically video drivers or services that aren't active on the disk, but
> ship with the on-cd repository).
> At this point, the installer will possibly just hang.  8 out of 10
> times, the install fails because it gets stuck there for me.  Within the
> last week, i've only gotten a backtrace once.  I thought it was just a
> fluke as it was my first run and (mistakingly) didn't make much of it.
> Since then, I've been unable to obtain a backtrace, and just get stuck
> with this freeze.
> So, in an effort to get this beta out the door, i'd like anyone on the
> mailing list that can attempt and install (real install or virtual
> machine) to try to download a copy of this disk and see if they can
> reproduce it.  Backtraces will show up in /var/log/syslog and/or
> 'dmesg'.  Do as much as you can with the disk.  If somehow you get the
> backtrace by doing something else it may still be related to this bug.
> Feel free to respond with that backtrace.
> The disk is temporarily available here:
> http://uk.cdimages.mythbuntu.org/~superm1/ .  It is the file titled
> mythbuntu-7.10~070930-i386.iso.
> Please don't blog about this or announce elsewhere because we'd prefer
> not to announce the beta disk until this bug is fixed.
> Thanks,

Mario Limonciello
superm1 at ubuntu.com

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