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Mario Limonciello superm1 at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 30 05:21:44 GMT 2007

Hi Scott:

Scott D. Davilla wrote:
> Hi Mario,
>     I've some questions about Mythbuntu. I've been doing work on running
> linux on the AppleTV with a MythTV frontend being the target. The
> AppleTV is not a conventional linux install in that there's no BIOS only
> EFI but the EFI firmware does an integrity check on boot.efi so you
> can't use the existing EFI bootloaders. This process has been all worked
> out with linux up and running together with a MythTV frontend.

Someone else was interested in doing this too.  For that exact reason, there is
now an option in the installer under "Advanced" to not install a bootloader.
Afaik they were successful.  Depending on your levels of success here, I think
it would be awesome to document the process here so that it can be automated for
Hardy.  Once you're up and running, if you're up to the task, you can help us
get the pieces necessary to make it easier on others.

>     So I'm working on the next parts, one of which is a better (easier)
> way to get MythTV up and running. I've targeted the existing Mythbuntu
> release and will be working on repackaging it for USB Pen drive boot so
> that persons wanting to do this can just download the img, dd to a USB
> Pen Drive and go. I already know about the various pitfalls of USB Pen
> Boot so that not a problem.
>     The questions are;
> 1) Is the kernel/initrd that Mythbuntu uses the same as that used for
> the standard Ubuntu 7.10 release. I'm after the kernel config and
> commands used to create the initrd so I can see what changes are
> required for AppleTV compatibility.
Standard kernel/initramfs.  Note, that like the Ubuntu installation, the
initramfs is generated at the end of ubiquity and is specific to your hardware
(to an extent: mostly network drivers, raid, and a few other things that would
only be needed for the initial boot up)

You really shouldn't need much change for AppleTV compatibility.  There is a
command to issue an initramfs rebuild, but it slips my mind right now.  There is
a set of scripts in /etc/initramfs-tools that allow you to HIGHLY customize the
initramfs.  Try to keep it vanilla though if at all possible, and save doing
these changes as one of your last resorts.

> 2) The AppleTV requires GUID partitions with specific existing partitons
> to get the chainboot to work correctly. We can use the custom Mythbuntu
> partitioning tool to get things in the correct place but any bootloader
> install by Mythbuntu has to be aborted or it might corrupt the real
> bootloader. Any thoughts on this?

As mentioned above, there is an option on the last page to not install a bootloader.

> 3) What would be nice is a custom built Mythbuntu install from your
> scripts that include scripts we contribute to taylor the install
> specifically for the AppleTV. For example, since resources are limited
> this is a frontend only install with IR via the Apple IR remote.
> Thoughts and pointers on how, where to look, etc.

I suspect there shouldn't be much too, it but what do I know: We were originally
targeting a 7.04 Mythbuntu release if that lets you know how much we realized
there was to getting everything assembled ans working.


> Thanks
> Scott

Good luck with this.  If you don't mind, i'm going to bounce this to our ML.
Could you subscribe to that so that we can keep this discussion public for
others interested?

Mario Limonciello
superm1 at ubuntu.com

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