[ubuntu-mythtv] [Bug 125384] Re: Lirc GPIO module not buildable on 2.6.22 kernel

hexion hexium at terra.es
Sat Jul 21 17:40:22 BST 2007

Sorry, I misunderstood what this patch was for...

After reading some posts in the Lirc mailing list (included yours), I
realized that there's no solution yet since some symbols have been
deleted in the vanilla kernel. I suppose this patch is then to make
lirc_gpio build, it's not intended to make it work :)

Sorry for reopening this bug.

BTW, maybe this info is usefull for you. It's about a bug I filed in
kernel.org regarding the ir_common problem. Devs sent there some usefull
info that Lirc devs should read. I haven't posted it yet in the mailing
list cause I'm too lazy to register by now :)


Lirc GPIO module not buildable on 2.6.22 kernel
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