[ubuntu-mythtv] Mythbuntu - Lirc Ideas

Mario Limonciello superm1 at ubuntu.com
Sun Jul 8 23:01:16 BST 2007

Hi guys,

I started the coding for ubiquity yesterday regarding lirc.  I was
looking for the most ideal way to manage as many remotes as possible.

The current structure is like this:

Choose A Remote :		<Common Remotes List>
	Choose Driver:		     <Buildable drivers list>
	Choose Config:		    <Configuration list>

The common remotes list includes
ATI RF, Hauppauge, MS V1, MS V2., Other.

Choosing a common remote will automatically set the driver and config.
Choosing other lets you customize the driver and config.

The drivers list basically has all the possible buildable drivers for
lirc.  The config list only has configs for those common remotes atm,
because i'm not sure how to handle much more.

I'm thinking until the UMC team sorts out including lirc with the kernel
and such, on mythbuntu.org a repository can be kept that has all the
possible kernel modules prebuilt for users.  It can update nightly via a
cron job in case of new kernels.

Any comments or ideas?


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