[ubuntu-mythtv] [Bug 34776] Re: mplayer with xv crashes system on specific file

trollord trollenlord at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 02:03:03 BST 2007

I've had an experience that might shed some light. Basically
- That video file has got a tiny error in it
- Some of the frames gets decoded into such form that it causes buffer underrun (or some other problem with the frame)
- Xv forwards it happily to the display drivers for handling the video overlay
- Part of the display drivers locks/whatever as the incoming data is rubbish

It takes some good X.org developer and with a lot of debug data (drivers
that log what is happening + syncs the log before taking the actual
actions) to pinpoint the problem. Or something similar. These bugs are
really common, the x video overlay stuff is basically plain USSR and
have not received the love they would have deserved.

It might be a bug for mplayer/mythtv. It is for sure *always* a bug for
xorg if any video can mess up xorg/drivers.

mplayer with xv crashes system on specific file
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