[ubuntu-my] Another sfdkl status

sweemeng ng sweester at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 13:24:41 BST 2010

This is schedule for the Day, the planned talk don't goes as plan, it is
replaced by Lightning Talk and video screening. I still hoping to have a
gathering of foss geeks in KL....

A little explanation on what is Lightning Talk. Lightning talk is a 5 minute
presentation volunteered by attendee on topic related to the event. So I
hope to hear on foss related story that you have, or free culture, or open
hardware stuff, from all of you guys during SFDKL. Though I doubt that 30
minute is enough for a lightning talk

   - 10:00 AM : Welcome + Lightning Talk
   - 11:00 AM : Screening of Revolution OS / Patent Absurdity/Code Rush
   - 12:30 PM : Lunch and mingle around aka networking
   - 13:30 PM : Unix G33kz
   - 15:30 PM : Frag Fest

I hope to see all of you guys there!!!!
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