[ubuntu-my] ubuntu 10.04 partition is not detected

Umarzuki Mochlis umarzuki at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 06:05:10 GMT 2010

Hi all,

After i reinstalled debian 5, installed grub2, it won't detect ubuntu 10.04
on /dev/sda3

Unless if i copied entries on its partition, paste it in
/etc/grub.d/40-custom, run update-grub but i only managed to boot ubuntu

After that i got the "unknown command initrd" from from grub2 and it even
caused the same message if i tried to boot debian afterwards unless i reboot
my laptop and choose to boot debian. Weird.

How do i get to boot the beloved Ubuntu 10.04 with grub2. I longed for
her... :-D


Umarzuki Mochlis
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