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In my opinion, Windows will performs better running on KVM as the developer
for KVM called Qumranet (now part of Redhat Inc) intends to be in the
business of VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. we are talking about
running thousands of Windows virtualized using KVM with its centralized
management tools.

On top of that there's virtIO, a fully open source drivers optimization
project backed by IBM and Redhat to enhance the IO performance (disk,
network etc) of virtualized guest namely Windows and Linux for KVM.

For XEN part, there's an open source drivers for Windows to enhance its
performance but I dont think its active lately. The one certified by
Microsoft on the other end is not open source and only runs supported on
SUSE Linux Enterprise as part of their 2006 landmark agreement.

Lastly there's something called Kernel Samepage Merging (KSM) that can group
same resources footprint together to let you overcommit your memory that
only runs on KVM, be it a virtual guest of either Linux or WIndows. Pls
google it up, its really DAMN COOL!. It should already be committed upstream
for the next KVM release, but already released as part of Red Hat Enterprise
Virtualization product launch. XEN doesnt have this BTW, and yes XEN memory
ballooning is not the same with KSM.

All in all, IMHO the world will moving strongly towards KVM rather than XEN
in the near future. XEN will still be relevant as check and balance and they
will be backed strongly by Citrix (whom bought the technology and the
company for USD500 Million in 2005) and also Oracle (with is REALLY BIG
company) as of now, but for us Linuxer, the KVM horizon seems much greener.


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> I suggest go for XEN since need to have a virtualized Windows.
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