[ubuntu-my] Ubuntu ditches X for Wayland?

Chow Loong Jin hyperair at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 09:42:06 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 08,December,2010 05:35 PM, starconsultancy wrote:
> Hi,
> Last one of Eric is a very good comparison.
> Guys and girls I dont want to make you upset but I am used to be a "fanatic'
> open-source-user.
> But lately I get involved with some Spreadsheet functions, like:
> Consolidate and
> (Data)-Validation
> These are actually database-function within spreadsheet. And.....very practical!
> Personally this convertion was quite hard to me but I mus say I prefer using Excel.
> Much more comprehensible and much easier.
> Or..........maybe I missed a course/training in Open Office.

I haven't used the consolidate and data validation features, but I have found
vlookup very useful, and it works well in OpenOffice too! Same goes for sumif,
which I use pretty often. And PivotTables (in OpenOffice it's called Data Pilot).

> Suggestions are welcome.
> About Suse: "Deutsche puenktlichkeit" That is she can join with SAP.
> In my home country, which is not Germany, medium businesses are using mostly
> SUSE-server.
> One remark in this regard: Red HAT is not so popular/well-known. In big stores
> SUSE is available
> for about 60 euro. By the way other option is free download. Last one is for
> consumers only.
> For the server, which is actually quite cheap, should be paid.

Hmph. Everyone knows the best server distro out there is Debian. ;-) I use it on
all my server machines.

> For the more advanced (mostly academic) engineers Mandriva (France) is also
> popular. Actually
> little community. But all the codecs are in the box (not like Ubuntu).
> Wondering is George Bush using Red Hat???

I wonder how they managed to ship codecs without any legal issues. Ubuntu cannot
ship the codecs with the ISOs due to legal issues in some of the countries
Ubuntu is distributed in.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin

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