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Rasanya email Rafe MDeC tak lepas mailing list. Saya forwardkan.

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Date: 2009/3/7
Subject: RE: [ubuntu-my] Ubuntu Meetup @ Activity for 2009
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Assalamualaikum Semua,

First and foremost let me take this opportunity to extend my
congratulation to mypenguin99 for their 10 years anniversary. Without
the hard afford that each and every one of you has put in the younger
generation will not know of the existence of "penguin developer". Again
Congratulation and I wish you all that there would be another good 50
more years to come.

If you permit me, I would like to take this golden opportunity to
introduce myself, saya Rafe daripada Multimedia Media Development
Corporation (MDeC) under the caretaker of Ministry of Science and
Technology Malaysia. And I have been trusted to oversee the development
and growth of Open Source industry, business and community in Malaysia.
Cikgu Haris if you don't mind I would like to elaborate a little bit the
on the MSC Open Source Convention 2009...

MSC Open Source Convention 2009 (MSCOSCon) adalah inisatif MDeC dan juga
komuniti-komuniti di Malaysia bertujuan untuk memperkenalkan kemampuan
Malaysian Developer dan komuniti Malaysia to the eyes of the world. As
you well aware MDeC is a none profit organization and we're not a vendor
centric company and our objective is pure just to promote the Malaysia
developer of the full potential of the Open Source Industry. To the
afford we will provide you with the space, the speakers the opportunity
to explore to the full potential of your good self and many more.

This convention is sub divided into 3 track, and it aims the whole
ecosystem of the open source, one of the track as what Cikgu haris has
mention it sole purpose is to aim fully on the developer, "show & tell"
concept where another developer share their experience and knowledge
with a another fellow developer where it come in combination of
language/database/calibration tools and many others which we will leave
it to you to decide. We seek your partnership in this convention to
share your industry expertise in Open Source development and showcase
your support for both the community and the developers. This convention
InsyaAllah akan menarik minat kepada genarasi muda untuk mencari
informasi tentang Open Source dan peluang untuk menerajui bidang ini dan
juga peluang dilatih dan diajar on 'GURU-GURU' seperti anda semua.

Ini sahaja yang saya boleh kongsi bersama setakat ini. Seperti yang
diberitahu oleh Cikgu Haris kami masih menyiapkan kertas kerja untuk
pembentangan pihak atasan. InsyaAllah dalam masa 2 minggu kami akan
umukan secara umum.

And I humbly ask that we stand together united. Under one flag and
unified as one and we could conquer the world. :)

Please tune in for more exciting news.

Terima kasih semua.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Rafe Azsnal
Global Profiling and Portfolio Manager.
Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
DID : +603.8315.3143    Mobile : +6019.266.3835

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