[ubuntu-my] Ubuntu-My.co.tv IRC Client update

Katie Kitty admin at flamehaze.info
Thu Jun 25 11:00:18 BST 2009

as you all know, freenode has klined mibbit,
which means no one can use mibbit to connect to freenode anymore.
i'm not sure this will be permanent or not, but is has caused a lot of
issues to all mibbit users.

a lot of web masters who have mibbit widget on their website is very
frustrated about this.
including me, coz i am running ubuntu-my.co.tv which have a mibbit irc
client on it.

since it is for connect to #ubuntu-my in freenode, it is now unable to use
so, i have no choice but to change it to the freenode's webchat app.

u may now use that page to chat in #ubuntu-my anywhere by going to
ubuntu-my.co.tv again


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