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fenris fenris at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 19 17:13:49 BST 2009


sori lately nie sy agak bz skit with daily task. but ill get back to u guys
a.s.a.p. right now i n nbliang on progress merging ubuntu-my &
malaysianteam on launchpad. 

details why? 

u guys may see at

so currently i've been advise from launchpad administrator to do some
changes which is:

1) adding malaysianteam as member of ubuntu-my

"[23:25] <allenap> e-jat: Could you add ~malaysianteam as a member of
~ubuntu-my for now?"
- done

2) make malaysian team as restricted team

"[23:36] <e-jat> allenap: so soon when it fixed .. u guys will merge it
right ? "
"[23:40] <allenap> e-jat: Yeah, I should think so. I'm going to add it to
the bug description to make sure."
"[23:44] <allenap> e-jat: Right now, either, but you could try making
~malaysianteam a restricted team, and add some text to the team page to
explain that new members should join ~ubuntu-my. That sounds like it might

so after this .. member who want to join ubuntu-my team can join at 

fenris @ e-jat

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